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Brother ink Jet

I had the misfortune of trying to fix an ink jet that wasn't printing, what a mess. It has no errors, it has all the ink in the world but not printing. After lots of trying to find out what is happening with it, finally figured out it has lots of air in the tubes. 

I don't have the equipment to deal with this, but I jury rigged something from a breathing tube and a syringe. Only problem was my tube was slightly smaller than the printer tubes and the syringe so mounting it was hard, it kept coming of, just ink everywhere.

After all this effort, some maybe 4 hours later it printed once and went back to not printing. I could spent another amount of my time on this but right now I simply can afford, so just stored it for now. I like fixing things. But I think a mistake is fixing other's things. When it's mine I can manage expectations, I can know how much effort I put into it, but when it is someone's, it is hard to deal with expectations. Also, I'm not getting that time back, and I can't ask to be paid for something that isn't working.

Anyway, I'm either gonna have to somehow get the kit to fix it or send it off to a shop. I don't wanna get a kit because, I don't expect to do this again and those kits aren't cheap. 

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