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Tesla Cybertruck: Let me join in on the bandwagon

Let's get it out of the way, I don't like the Telsa Cybertruck. It's not for me, I would like it if it were in a scifi movie but not as a car I paid money for. I don't doubt that it's capable, although the pulling a ford f150 thing was an empty stunt. The only way that would be fair is to fully load the f150 with stuff in the back to increase it's weight. 

The Tesla Cybertruck has the same basic problem for me with most of the Tesla line up. The lack of amenities disguised as minimalism. If all you want is an efficient electric car and you don't care that much about cars or don't have a passion for them, Then definitely Teslas are for you. It's basically the crowd that used to be into the Prius, they wanna safe the planet (not a bad anything obviously) and don't care about the car. Everyone used to laugh at them because they considered the prius a crappy car. With Teslas they get to drive something that is fast and exciting and can't really be considered crappy. However looks wise, particularly for the interior, I find them crappy.

To balance the above paragraph, there is a Tesla I don't find crappy. The model S. I would actually buy won if Musk made them available for his original home country. I like the look, I like the interior, it looks like a car, something someone who likes cars would like. The model 3 is too bare bones inside. The model x is nice but I'm not a fan of the gimmicky doors or let me say I like that they are there but I would have liked if there existed an option that had normal doors.

So back to the Cybertruck, I don't like the porcelain or ceramic look of the dash, I don't know if the production model will be like that but I don't like. I don't like the look like I said. I would much rather have a Rivian, It looks more like something I would buy. Car wise I would much rather have the Taycan now instead of the Model S. The Taycan looks good outside and inside looks like a car for car people. You don't have to have ugly cars to save the planet.

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