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The Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger Raptor is a beast. Something about the face doesn't work though. I'm not entirely sure what. I think it's the bumper and the tires. The tires smaller than they could be and bumper comes out a bit on the sides. I could absolutely live with these things though. I like the rest of it.

I love the twin turbo engine and fox suspension, it's based on the ranger which in XLT or Wildtrack spec is lovely and I would really like that. I imagine it's a great drive. I would book a test drive at my local dealership Human Auto but I'm pretty sure they won't let me drive one. They were once asked by head office to let me test drive a Mustang and they simply refused. They didn't explicitly say so though they cowardly just didn't do it. I was updated a few times by the representative in Joburg who tried her hardest to get it done but was getting nowhere with the dealership.

I wasn't particularly surprised though, living in Bloem it happens. I once got an invite from Harley Davidson to go have a test ride at the dealership, the local manager guy was so rude to me on the phone and wouldn't commit to an appointment for something I assume lots of people who have offered the same opportunity got to go with no issues. The best treatment I ever got was at Mercedes Benz to my surprise. They given me a C220 to take on a drive unaccompanied, an 800 grand CLS500 I was accompanied but still they still let me take it out. They have also let me have a go in a C63AMG. Needless to say if I'm ever buying a Merc I will call on them but if I'm buying a ford or Harley it's never gonna be in Bloem but I digress, The Ranger Raptor looks amazing, probably is amazing.

However, the main issue about it is it's 900k. Would I buy a souped up bakkie for 900k or something else? I mean that's 200k more than my house. The thing is absolutely great but where would I use any of its capabilities. Well I realise now saying this that I like the G wagon and would have it in a heartbeat. Ok scratch that part about me not being able to use its capabilities, I just hate that I would have to drive 400k to Joburg to go buy one because I'm sure in hell not buying it from Human Auto.

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