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Mazda B2000 1991

A few days ago something good happened. I was totally not expecting it. I don't drive this bakkie often enough, so the battery died. I had a look at the date scratched on it and it's 2015 and I thought damn, it's probably done.

I took it in and like the eternal optimist that I'm, I asked them to test it. The last time I tried that with the corolla's battery they said it was dead and I had buy another one. It was a Friday and they said I should come get it the following day but like the pessimist I fully expected to show up Saturday to fetch it and get told well, we did our very best but we are afraid it's too old, it's like 90 human years. 

I decided to sleep in Saturday, because according to Google Willard Battery Center closes at 15:00 on Saturday. When I finally gotten around to going around 13:00 it was closed. As I found out when I went Monday, a battery place, with Willard boards everywhere, selling and specialising in Willard batteries is not actually called Willard Battery Center. I don't why I would even assume that. It has a different name that I can't even remember now but had I used that name I would have found out it closes at 12:00.

Anyway my battery was ready and I paid R40 instead for the more than a 1000 I was expecting to pay had the battery needed replacing. Gotta celebrate the small victories.

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