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The premature demise of the Mercedes Benz X-Class

I can't say I'm particularly happy to see the premature demise of the Mercedes Benz X-Class. I'm however not surprised by it. I was among the people who didn't expect it to be a success. It's not a bad car as a Nissan but it's completely unacceptable to pay Mercedes prices for it.

If Mercedes wanted to build a bakkie, they should have done what VW did with the Amarok. Start afresh, put in the time and effort to build their own car. They have the G-wagon which is one of the most capable 4x4s out there. So they know how to do it, they just decided to cut corners.

This might idea of rebadging other less expensive cars will not work in the luxury market. GM couldn't even make it work with normal passenger cars. But then again it could be American car makers don't know how to run car companies outside of North America. It definitely was never going to work with Mercedes.

I hope Mercedes doesn't give up on that market segment. The reason it didn't work isn't because it was a bad idea but because Mercedes tried to sell us a Nissan for Mercedes money.

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