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Dealerships just don't care

I have dealt with four dealerships now, Ford (Human Auto), Honda, Toyota (Oranje) and recently Mazda. They all have one thing in common, they don't care much about the parts department. You get a feeling that the person working there is just doing a job, They have no specialised knowledge of what they are doing. There is almost always waiting involved, even when there is no queue. The aftermarket places on the other hand are much better.

Ford, I went there looking for some parts for my Mazda B2000. Mazda and Ford used to be together for many years, even sharing platforms where the only difference would be maybe an engine and the grill, the rest of the car is the same. It's sort of like those couples who bombard you about how in love they are on social media and they break up, not only are you now expected to not ask what happened, you expected to know that something happened. If you are one of these I unfollow immediately. The people at Ford would not only not help me, they wouldn't even tell me where Mazda is. Nevermind that my Mazda came from their dealership. They were so rude about it also. I'm just some how supposed to know that they don't deal with Mazdas anymore because they now had a divorce, and not even bring it up.

The Honda dealership, it's a small counter with one guy working there. He is an ok guy but you get a feeling he would probably rather be doing something else. I have been there and had to wait half an hour while the sales people tell me he will be here shortly. If you don't provide the vin he will have difficulty providing the right parts but at least he is a cool guy not rude like Ford.

Toyota, The guy was a bit more helpful but he also didn't know a lot. He wasn't super friendly but line at this point is not rude and he wasn't rude so that's a win I guess. The biggest problem with Toyota is they keep nothing in stock, everything is 3 day business wait your order.

And then there is Mazda, where I recently went. After standing for a while with no help, I got asked if I needed help. Then the help took forever. I could see the screen and this guy was struggling to use a computer system to select the right part and find a price for me. It took more than 20 minutes to find out how much a brake padel boot would cost. Then after finding out, I have to wait 3 days also.

I guess they all make their money from car services and selling parts so they don't care much about the parts side of the business. In contrast my Midas car not only is quick helpful and passionate, he knows the car you need help with, and they deal in most cars not just one brand. If he doesn't have the part he knows where you can find it. I don't know what the deal is with dealerships.

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