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Honda Civic FD - Window washers not working

I was driving Ironbelly, my FD Civic, the other day and the window was dirty. So I flick the switch almost absentmindedly because this is the "new car" in the house, it's a 2009 model but for me that's new but anyway, so I flick the switch and nothing happens. I can hear the pump humming but no water on the window. I'm thinking damnit, another unexpected expense.

I ignored it for a few days and just drove with a dirty window. This weekend I finally worked up the energy to go investigate and find out what's wrong. Since I could hear the pump humming I knew it can't be electrical since that's prove the pump is receiving power, so it can't a fuse. Might be out of water, I added some nothing, I can still hear the pump but nothing at the washers.

So I disassembled the plastic covers on the sides and the one at the window and immediately noticed what looks like a pinch in the water hose. Someone had clearly disassembled this covers before put them together and forgotten the window washer hose, saw it afterwards and instead of re-disassembling the covers again just took the lazy way out and squeezed the hose under one of the covers. I have no idea how it's been working fine for the 4 or so years I have had the car. Immediately after relieving that pinch the water started spraying normally out of the washers.

While I had it disassembled I decided to clean the mud and leaves that had collected under there. This required me removing the wipers which let to discovering the were swapped, so I first had to put them right. I forgot to mark where they sit on the window though which let to a trial and error way of reinstalling them in the car.

Third DIY job concluded with no pain. I'm cautiously optimistic lol.

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