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Toyota Corolla Quest nightmare oil filter

There is a special place in hell for the engineer who designed the oil filter for the Toyota Corolla Quest, the so called Toyota/Lexus oil filter. What the hell was wrong with the regular oil filter that all vehicular engines use? The tools to remove oil filters are common and cheap but Toyota thought nah fam, how can we make this more complicated?

If you haven't had the misfortune of dealing with these things allow me to describe them for you. The engine seems to be cast in aluminium, instead of a normal oil filter, there is a housing that is part of the engine block where the paper membrane element that would usually be inside a normal oil filter metal casing is to be inserted. It's then capped with some kind of plastic cap. This cap can only be removed with a special tool that is hard to find even if you go to a Toyota dealer they tell you it takes 2 days to have.

This cap has an arrow that points to open and close. It also has a torque rating which on this specific car I was working on I assume the person who put it on treated it as more of a suggestion. When this are tightened normally apparently a cup filter wrench can loosen it but when it's over tightened, which on a normal filter one would stub it with a screwdriver and remove it, here it can't be done. Being a plastic cap it can't be driven with a hammer and chiesel either. 

A chain filter wrench won't fit around it. a claw filter wrench won't fit either. a belt filter wrench could fit but broke and not even at the rivet which one would expect to be a failure point but the actual belt broke. Mind you, I had just bought this thing an hour earlier. The irony is it was marked life time warranty on it. The store tells me it's been misused, No filter can be that tight. I guess they don't work on cars because anyone who has, has come across a filter they have had to stub with a screwdriver.

Anyway after a whole day of trying to get this thing off I had to give up. I had already bought the belt wrench which broke, a set of cup filters which one also broke, the last thing to try would have been to go and buy the Toyota tool but I didn't wanna make the owner spent anymore money without the guarantee that I could deliver a result. The only way was to sent her to Toyota because I assume they have on occasion come across this type of thing with their stupidly designed oil filters and know what to do. I'm yet to find out if it worked out, I hate giving up but I could devote more time to this but I didn't see any possibility of success. 

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