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I'm most definitely late to the party here but it still feels awesome to finally be here. It wasn't because I didn't wanna join though, I couldn't afford to. Also I wanted a bigger drive but SSDs being so expensive it wasn't really gonna happen or happen soon. I got, recently got a chance to get 120 GB SSD. I would have preferred a TB one or even 500 GB one but I couldn't afford that.

I have an acer V3, i7 (regrettably 6500U), 16 GB (regrettably DDR 3), 1TB Toshiba spinning drive. It's not a top of the line system by any stretch of the imagination but for a typical user in my neck of the woods it's actually pretty good. However, it was constantly bogged down the hard drive running at 100%. I have tried all the other internet recommended things like disabling the skype phone thing, address the PCI thing in the registry, shutting down super fetch and all that. It worked for a period of time but not as well as I had hopped.

My main problem with changing to an SSD was I didn't wanna have to carry around an external, I wanted the TB storage capacity without the drawback of it's speed deficiency. I googled around to see if I could replace my optical  drive, which I hardly ever you use mostly because with the advent of bigger capacity flash drives DVDs have become unnecessary. As it turns out there is a lot of solutions to do this, there is a universal case shaped like the optical drive that sits in your optical drive bay that can carry within it a hard drive. So I bought an SSD and this universal case and installed them in my laptop.

The SSD is much lighter in weight so the overall weight of the laptop was noticeably reduced. Since the SSD doesn't spin, the vibration produced by the laptop also went away and the spinning noise which wasn't much but when it's not there at all, it's very noticeable. The heat produced by the laptop also was reduced by quite a bit. This were all great but before enjoying this benefits I went through some struggles, some of which I still haven't solved.

I didn't feel like the effort of reinstalling windows. So I looked around for free utilities that can do this. There were many that I tried but they all had locked out features you had to pay for to complete this. The only one that even came close to working created a partition on my SSD that I couldn't delete from windows. It wasn't big being only 350 MB but I hated that it was there. Before I ended up there, I also had to drastically reduce the things on my HDD to match the size of the SSD by copying them to a back up external, which was an annoying process and as it turns out useless because the thing I wanted to do never ended up working.

I ended up with windows boot manager that wasn't booting correctly and I would end up with a blue screen everytime I started the pc or if it went to sleep and had to wake up. After days of this struggle I decided to use one of these utilities to wipe my SSD, removed the partition and just start over with a new windows. I downloaded it, created a bootable flash drive, which I found kind of amazing that the is a microsoft way of doing this now, the last time I had to create bootable flash drive which I admit was a while ago there were a whole bunch of third party ways to do it but this, this was a breeze much welcome one. After installing windows it automatically picked up my key which had known would happen I would have done this to begin with. One of the reasons I went for cloning my HDD was I didn't wanna deal with the hassle of windows and office keys. as it turns out I didn't have to.

Finally I had to put my SSD higher than the windows boot manager in my BIOS to get rid of the blue screen every time windows loads. It was a long annoying process to have this working mostly because I had never done it and I didn't know the problems I would run into and how to avoid them. I'm left with one problem now, which is if windows goes to sleep or hibernates it shuts down. It is an inconvenience but not a train smash because one of the benefits I have come to enjoy with an SSD is how fast the pc starts up. It takes less 10 seconds to get to a login screen and less than 3 to login which used to be almost a minute and half a minute respectfully. I would rather it works correctly though so I'm still dealing with that. On the bright side, everything is fast now, not just loading programs, chrome is fast which so welcome, streaming anything is fast which I wouldn't have expected to be affected by a hard drive, I would have expected that to be only affected by internet speed.

I'm absolutely enjoying this though. The process could have been less painful but I'm here now and I'm loving it. My pc is fast, silent, cooler and lighter. It is certainly worth the inconvenience of having to remember to save my work in case the pc goes to sleep. I will probably eventually figure out how to fix that but I can't focus on it days on end, I need to do actual work.

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