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The Mazda DIY kit competition

So I saw a competition on Facebook on the Mazda page. I actually got it wrong in the beginning. I thought it said one of the prizes was the BT-50. Turns out it said BT-50 service kit. Anyway, I entered the competition. The entry involved sending a Facebook messenger message to Mazda telling them why you should win. I don't normally win competitions so I didn't expect anything of it. I did however spend a fraction of time thinking about what I would do if I won the bakkie which as I mentioned earlier wasn't even the prize. I thought I would drive 50 metres down the road and sell it for 50 grand less which would have left me with a few hundred grand probably 3 or 4 depending on which spec it would have been. It isn't because I don't like the bakkie, I actually like it especially the face lift. It's because I would rather have the money at this point instead of another car.

Anyway I digress, I got contacted by their social media representative who was bearing the good news, you guessed it, I had won a service kit not the bakkie. I had to tell them what kind of Mazda I have. Shame this person struggled. They didn't know my car a 1991 Mazda B2000. I don't think they knew the existence of the B series at all. I suspect they are a very contemporary millennial, I'm more a vintage one myself so I appreciate the classics. After the back and forth that required me to submit a whole bunch of things including my VIN number, engine bay pictures and the car itself I still wasn't getting the prize. It dawned to me at this stage that chances are they don't have the parts for a 27 year old car.

I thought they would go to a parts store like Midas and buy it there and just give to me but they decided to give me a consolation prize instead because as I guessed it, they don't have the parts in stock for it. I wonder could it be because they were a different company back then or they just don't carry things for old cars. The consolation prize sounds like an oil catch pan. It would still be welcome, I do oil changes very frequently. It just sucks a little bit that the first thing I ever win has so much admin attached to it. I await my oil catch pen with much anticipation.

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