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VW Transporter T3

I have always know it as the Microbus or the kombi but it seems the rest of the world know it as Transporter T series. This became apparent after a friend brought one for me to fix but I was struggling to find any information on them. His is the T3 with an in line 5 from Audi. I was rather surprised that there is a lot of space still in the engine bay. For some reason I was expecting it to be rather cramped. There is so much space one could even entertain a turbo maybe but that's for another day.

I'm being rather annoyed by the air filter at the moment. It hits the intake, specifically the throttle body part of it and seems stuck. Since the old one is dirty and oily and I'm not gonna use it again I can easily just pull it out but a new one has to go in undamaged. So I have to figure out the correct way to do this with out any reference material. I can't even find a service procedure or anything like that online on this car.

It could have bad valve seals or guides I'm not entirely sure yet. Someone had loosely fitted the tappet cover, so most of the leak seems to result from that although the owner insists it had an oil leak issue before that. I don't wanna pull the head unless I have really have to. The plugs are bit fouled but they looking at the state of air filter, they might not have been changed in a while.

I think I'm just gonna replace the tappet cover gasket, tighten it properly, replace the plugs and filters and put some new oil in and see if it smokes. If not, chances are there is no leak in the head. Hopefully this works because the head thing would be rather costly.

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