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Automotive Youtubers part 2

Flying sparks garage

I could I have forgotten Emily. I was introduced to Emily through Roadkill. There was one event of Roadkill, I can't remember what but Emily was there and David seemed to know her and I was like who is this chick that David's seems to know and calling her thee Emily Williams.

So I did what anyone would, googled a bit and found her. I enjoyed her stuff. She doesn't claim to be an expert, and she isn't selling sexiness either not that she lacks in that department. I like her show, I won't get to see the show they made for tv but it's probably good. 

I can't believe I forgot her. I really like her channel even the unrelated vlogs that she does are cool. Oh yea the first video of hers I watched was the one where she was doing donuts with a blue Nova. She isn't trying to be a man, She isn't trying to be sex draw, she is just a car enthusiast working on cars and that is super cool.

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