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Automotive Youtubers

I only recently became aware and a fan of Auto Youtubers. I have always done little bit of work on my own vehicles but it's always been either at my mechanic's or things I could find in my Haynes manual. However, those Haynes manuals aren't cheap. One can't have one for every vehicle. In my case I have one for my Yellow Bone (Mazda B2000 1991) and in most cases it sufficient. Once I started working on other cars, e.g Silvaki (Corolla 2E) and IronBelly (Civic R18A 2009), I needed to research how to do things like the fact that ironbelly brake pistons screw in. 

Eric the Car Guy:

One youtuber I found early was Eric, mostly because I needed information a Honda and for a while he worked almost exclusively with Hondas. Maybe it's because he used to be a Honda technician at a dealership. I enjoyed his how to stuff. Later I started watching his ETCG1 videos as well. He is great, even with his quirky of talking to himself. I find it funny sometimes. He seems like a cool guy. I found myself cheering for him when he moved into a bigger shop. If I could afford to subscribe to his personal website I probably would. I like almost all his cars except the Honda Element. I do like his Ford Fairmount that based on his ETCG1 videos seemed to get quite a bit of hate during the build. I really like that I can tweet at him and he responds.

He is a trained tech but he shows all his struggles. It makes me feel better about my own struggles if I'm struggling. I think he makes the best how to videos. They have come in handy many times for me.

Doug Demuro:

By Sheer chance I discovered Doug. I can't remember which video of his I watched first. I watched almost all that I can find in the beginning especially when he used to make videos about his own cars. I think he is great for cars normal people wouldn't normally know about because they are very rare or very expensive or both like the Bugatti Chiron. His quirks and features segment is cool, I enjoy that quite a bit. I was interested in the beginning of the Doug score but I'm not anymore. I can't really explain why, I just lost interest in it.

He has a habbit though of saying "many people don't know..." followed by very obvious things. I don't know if I'm not the target market of these "many people" but it feels to me like when you don't know something and when you learn you assume other people didn't know it either. He is too focused on America, maybe the majority of his audience is in America but I feel there are somethings he could do a little effort with. The video where he reviews a Chevy "mini Truck" is a good example. He talks about how the roll bar is old fashioned from the 80s and is making a come back. The thing is the rest of the world never stopped putting roll bars on their trucks. A simple google search of Europe, Asia and especially Australia and Africa would have shown him images of Crews cabs with rollbars all through the ages. The voices he makes when reviewing Japanese cars irritate me, making fun of the English words used to identify the cars etc. The failure to acknowledge that European cars are ruined by American laws, that European cars work reliably everywhere in the world except for America while the opposite is true for American cars. Instead there is a constant bashing of European cars as unreliable and American cars as reliable, if this were true, the world would be full of American cars. It isn't, it's full of European, Japanese and Korean cars. Lastly his video of the Mercedes Mini van, he went on like that's the only van Mercedes Makes, I had to tell him that it isn't, all he said was is that a real car when I showed him pictures of a luxury version that Merc sells all over the world probably can't sell it in America because....stupid laws.

However I still like Doug. I just curate what I watch instead of watching every video he releases. One of the best things he did for me though was introduce me to Tavarish. I was watching Doug when he sold his Aston Martine V8 vantage to Tavarish. More on that later.


As I said I was introduced to Tavarish by Doug. I then went on to watch some of his S500 videos and have watched most of his videos ever since. I like Tavarish for one very important reason, he made me realise that no car is too complicated to work on yourself. I was afraid of "breaking" my Civic until I saw him do things like tear out an entire S500 interior and put it back, struggle and get things working. If I were in America I would be first in line to buy that S500 when he sells it. The upgrade he made to the dashboard changed the whole look of the car. I really like the S600 he bought from Hoover which introduced me to Hoovies garage. More about him later. I feel pain inside each time Tavarish shows the S600 with tools in it saying things like it's his parts hauler. If I had that thing I would cherish it. His Lamborgini is awesome, I have had the privilege of driving one and I know what it's like although that one was stock.

All this mean I can forgive his terrible taste in movies lol. He hates all the good movies for very stupid reasons. Other than that I don't have a lot of complaints about him.

Tyler Hoover:

Youtube kept suggesting Hoovies garage to me back when he still own the S600. I watched a little bit into the video before quitting. I was annoyed, I have to admit that wrongly so. He just stroke....stroke me is that the right word or is it striked....uhmm I don't know, anyway I had come off seeing a couple of videos by Salomadrin which just looked like rich play boy type of shit. I didn't like that at all so when Hoover started going on my about buying an S600 with a broken engine sight unseen and rebuilding it's engine for a lot of money I just thought another rich play boy with more money than sense. A description I he would probably like minus the rich play boy part maybe.

I have enjoyed quite a few videos of his ever since. I have liked many of the cars in them. My favourite video of his would have to be the one where a cat crashes the video. Man that was hilarious. I didn't like the one where he buried a car though. 

Mike Finnegan, David Freiburger, Lucky Costa and Roadkill:

I can't remember how I started watching Roadkill but I found it quite amazing. When they used to fetch some junk from far away make it run and take it somewhere else usually thousands of miles away it was just the greatest of automotive entertainment. Mike's own show that is still on Youtube is great i like the long version episodes where he goes through everything. David I'm not a particularly huge fan of, I enjoy watching him and Finnegan together on Roadkill which is quite simply a masterpiece. His own shows not so much, luckily there were never free. Something about his Obama gun rights comments rubbed me the wrong way. 

Lucky is great, great personality and watching his and Tony Angelo's Hot Rod Garage shows how skilled he is. His own short clips are cool though the shakiness could make one sick. Hot Rod garage is pretty cool as well. I would have to disagree with Andrew who co presents with Tavarish the car guys talk podcast that we are cheap if we can't afford the motor trend subscription. I will definitely miss Roadkill though because I'm not getting the subscription but at least I still get to see Finnegan on FSM garage.

Mighty Car Mods:

What to say about this guys? They are great, I love most of what they do and I recognise most of the cars they work on. They drive on the proper side of the car. what's not to love? The only thing I wish I could know is how the ownership of the cars works. I have asked Finnegan this about the Roadkill cars and he said, some belong to him others to David and others to the company that owns Roadkill the show. I wonder if MCM is the same.

Bad Obsession Motorsport:

Make the noise!! I was introduced to this guys by a former boss when he found out I was into cars. This is what I wish I could do to my Yellowbone, rebuild it from scratch and re-engineer parts of it I don't like. The skill of these guys is just ridiculous. Whole episodes spent just designing and building tools, this is some crazy shit. I'm however so tired of waiting to see Binky done or at least driving.

B is for Build:

Chris is also my inspiration. Coming from the software and just doing a hobby for a living now I feel like I could be him. I'm currently a software developer, I just don't see how they possibly make a living from that. It's one of those only in America situations I think. I like a lot of his cars, that Lotus build was absolutely ridiculous. The Aston, I don't like the wing but I like the car, the M5 is pretty cool and the rest of them even the ones he has sold. I like that you see him learn and getting better.

I feel though that he is not very in touch with the internet because he seems to be quite hurt on occasion by the comments on his videos. The internet is a negative toxic place unfortunately. I guess when you make videos you need to read the comments to know what your people are thinking but I feel like his head space benefit if he stops reading the comments.


I would love to know the business side of Hoonigan, how it was started, what it's ownership setup is like etc. It's boyish crazy fun but lately I feel like I have seen it you now. I don't really mean to criticise it, I just feel like for me there is only so many times I can watch cars doing burnouts and donuts. The thing is there is big culture of doing this where I come from, only it's called spinning and it's mostly done with E30 BMW 3 series models, usually 325i. To go on a Tangent they are currently this E36 and I got annoyed when they did the American thing which to say the BMW is somehow bad and they are gonna replace it with an LS. Rather than take the time to learn other people's technologies they would rather just LS swap everything to hide their lack of understanding. An LS is not a better engine for a BMW than a BMW engine. why not learn something you don't understand? That just ruined the whole build for me.

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