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Z5 woes

So yesterday my Sony xperia Z5 that I proudly fixed by replacing it's screen fell face down. No..No...no the screen didn't break again but it just came loose. The heartbreak this caused me one would be forgiven for thinking I lost a loved one. There is a certain intrinsic relationship between the maker and the makee or maybe it's just me. I wouldn't have been sad if a new phone broke, but this one I sort of build, it made me so much more sad that it fell and the screen came loose.

It started doing funny things after this fall. It would interrupt my typing of a whatsapp message by just registering tens of keystrokes that I didn't do. It would just start scrolling the screen continually from the left to the right. It would register completely different keys from the ones I'm tapping. The straw that broke the camel's back is it would randomly restart in the middle of an intricate process of trying to type a message despite all the challenges of typing on it. I say it would, actually it does, I guess I exist in the future state where all these is in the passed.

The iparts adhesives don't seem to be very good when it comes to holding the screens. They do well with the back covers but struggle with the screens. I'm gonna try to double the front adhesives to see if that will hold the screens better. Hopefully this time the screen stays on because phones fall. guaranteeing the phone's safety by hoping it doesn't fall is a hopeless case. I will handle it better the next time it falls I hope.

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