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Minor service for yellowbone and Ironbelly

Servicing Yellowbone (1991 Mazda B2000) is always a breeze, well most of the time. There is lots of space, by any modern standards it's light years. Draining oil for instance, I don't have to jack the car up. I can easily slight in under the sump and undo the bolt. I can stand on the fender and easily reach the oil filter. The points are on top next to the radiator. Literally anything you wanna get to there is lots of space to get to it. 

Ironbelly (2009 Honda Civic VXI) on the other hand is very well designed. Things are easy to reach because they have been placed strategically so. The oil filter and sump plug are placed right next to each other under the engine. However there is some complication in getting there for someone who doesn't a big jack. I find that when I put my jack on a brick I can jack it from the middle jack spot, I can then place jack stands on the sides and have space underneath. 

I however had some complications where the oil wasn't getting full or I should say I expected it to take less than it was supposed to. It took almost a whole 5 litres. I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting it to take less oil since it's only 1.8 litre. After extensive internet search and converting to metric it seems it takes 4.4 litres. Beyond that it was a breeze.

I someday would like to change the serpentine tensioner as it's been making some noise. It's gonna be a while. I haven't been brave enough to look at how much it costs. It probably isn't as easy to change but we will deal with it eventually.

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