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Battery not charging

Silvaki is today back on the road. It was quite a stressful moment when she decided to stop on the road. I packed tools as quickly as I could and put my heel in Ironbelly as the white dragon ate up the miles to the rescue. It was a nervous journey. I didn't know what I would find or if I would be able to fix the problem.

I soon arrived to find that Silvaki had a battery charging issue. I packed Yellowbone's battery but it wouldn't fit. It was too big, both height wise and length wise. I wanted to Jerry-rig the 2 batteries together using jumper cables. I could only get it running for a short while. 

After a quick chat with my mechanic friend the conclusion was it's the alternator's regulator. I had been fiddling with it for about 40 minutes now. I had slowly come to the very obvious conclusion that I would have to tow it. I called my insurance, Miway. They estimated 40 minutes which ended to actually be 3 hours. It was very infuriating sitting there in a steaming car in the cold of winter with nothing but 3 frustrated people for company. I tried to remain calm by immersing myself in my music. After what felt like a whole Game of Thrones winter of wait the tow truck arrived. We left Silvaki in their care and went home.

Today I took the alternator out. It's just a matter of undoing the top 14mm bolt and the bottom one and then fiddling with the alternator to come out. Space here is at a premium but likely I'm the small package that dynamite comes in.

The regulator is screwed to the back of the alternator. Looking at it, it became clear that the brushes of the regulator were completely done. I just wish there was a sign that something like this would happen. Things like the alternator have barely any signs that the brushes are about to go. Had I known, I would have changed them, it would have cost me an hour or so instead of the 3 to 4 hours I spent trying to fix the situation after it's already broke down.

Oh well, you live and you learn I guess. I hesitate to say it but maybe I can declare victory in this one, I think the war is won warriors.

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