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Replacing the broken Sony Xperia Z5 screen

When the Sony Xperia Z5 fell and broke it's screen there was much sadness, tears and gnashing of teeth. Much effort when into trying to retrieve information from it. All this was unsuccessful. So like many before it, it went into the drawer of everything, you know that drawer, everybody has one. So I placed an order on Zasttra.com for the screen and other things I needed. I needed adhesives for both my Sony Xperia Z1 because i had recently replaced its battery and another adhesive for the Sony Xperia Z3 because its screen was coming loose probably from falling so much. The Z3 will always fall, I bet it would fall uphill if placed on an incline.

Zasttra took over 2 months to deliver my order. They told me their shipment was being held by SARS, the tax man. It made no sense for people who are in the business of importing things why this would be, why they wouldn't have a time frame on when I would get my things. The most annoying part is they told me, it's in their terms that imported items may take time. There is no way as a customer to identify which items are imported or not so one can make an informed choice on whether one doesn't the time or not. It was an incredibly annoying experience. Worst of all I had ordered for what to me was a lot of money, a R 1200.00. I was very nervous about what recourse I would have to get my money back if Zasttra didn't deliver my things. On the third month however Globalflight delivered my order from Zasttra.

I quickly closed the Z1's back which returned it to it's good old self minus a few scratches. The Z3 wasn't so lucky as I only found at this very instance that to remove the screen one needs to disassemble the entire phone. This was problematic considering I had only ordered the adhesive for the screen and not for the back panel. To add insult to injury not too long after while working on the car I cracked the back panel. So I need a new one anyway. Which means putting myself at the messy of Zasttra again. Strangely these parts have an iparts logo but when exploring the iparts site, all the items would cost more than their worth in shipping. So I ordered Z5 adhesives but forgot the panel for the Z3 and to my utter shock they arrived within just a couple of weeks.

So here it was then at last, the opportunity to install a screen in the Z5. The screen was purple at the back. The broken one was silver. I didn't think much of it. I put the adhesive on with a bit of struggle, then the screen. The difference in colour always bothered me, it occurred to me that it might just be film covering the back. So I went on Youtube to see if I was right, turns out yes I was right it's a protective film. Since I was halfway through assembling the phone I wondered if it's worth the effort of taking it apart again to go remove it. It's just a thin protective film, I thought. I can't possibly cause any harm. But then again a phone, especially this high end or at least high end when they came out were designed with such precision I have no idea what the film will do, might even melt if the phone gets hot. So No choice I had, I had to pull it apart and start over.

I pulled everything apart and started over. I removed the film and fiddled again to put the screen back in. I then went ahead with the assembly. I put the motherboard back in, connected the vibration motor, connected the charging port, the mic and speaker, the front camera and back camera. At this stage it became clear I was gonna have 2 left over pieces. A nightmare for assembling things. If there are left over pieces you are doing it wrong. I could not identify this 2 bits went, namely a small silver bracket and a long plastic bracket. Trying to identify where this go took a while and Yes, yes I had to take the phone apart, AGAIN.

Start over number 3, they say 3 is a charm, whatever that means. As it turns out the thin silver metal bracket holds the camera into it's socket, the big back camera that is. I couldn't find any information online about the plastic bracket. I had to figure it out somehow. There are only so many combinations of how it fits, it's too long to be across so it must be along, it can't be on the on/off switch side because well there is already a bracket that side that holds the switch and the finger print reader. So there is only one way it can go, along the opposite side but how does it fit. 20 or so minutes of trying it out produced a result. It clips into the side and it presses the battery against the switch side. So third time was the charm after all.

The battery went in, the side bracket that holds the motherboard and the bracket that holds the front camera. The screws to hold the motherboard, then the back cover adhesive. The back cover then comes on. My trusty, hair drier works perfectly because I don't have a head gun. I bought so many years ago, the hair drier that is, I remember at the time thinking I was being wasteful and yet so many years later it comes in handy for opening smart phones.

The phone came on, the war was won unlike with silvaki where I never seem to win.


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