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Pallets a nightmare to dismantle

I recently acquired a couple of pallets to use as timber for a number of projects I will talking about later. I thought a claw hammer, knock a few times and I will have a stack of timber for my exciting projects. As it turns out, it is not so straight forward. Pallets are almost impossible to knock apart, not unless you want the planks to come out unbroken. After exploring Youtube it turns out this is a common problem and a few people have come up with different ways to solve this problem.

I unfortunately don't have the one tool that they all seem to rely on, a reciprocating saw. There are 2 primary solutions that I liked. One was to cut the nails with the saw and pry the middle with a crowbar. I used my hack saw but the effort was too much. My crinder worked for a bit but I wasn't prying a good gap for it to go through, it spent some time burning through the timber which was smokey, smelly and loud. I did not like that.

My current solution is cut of the bits that over the outside beams. However my wood crinding wheel seems to be more of an axe. I need a serrated blade. Hopefully this will be a more elegant solution. It happens a lot in DIY that you get start with something that is not the objective. I just want the pallet to be apart so I can use the timber for my projects. Hopefully I start soon.

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