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Yellowbone, Silvaki and Ironbelly - a status report


Yellowbone (Mazda FE) runs, however there are some issues. When I put together the engine I had the flywheel skimmed. The skimming place, A1 clutch and brakes made a mistake and broke one of the ears of the flywheel. I went there to fetch it, and they brought this terribly shameful, sorry for himself looking guy to come explain how it was his fault and would I please accept it. I had a feeling that he was liable for the damage. Now at the time I had a job as a Senior Website developer at this other hell hole (a story for another day). So I thought I will be kind to this sorry ass looking soul. Apparently what goes around doesn't come around. 

The flywheel went in and alas, at mid range RPM it courses a vibration in the drive train. If I speed up the vibration goes away but I would like to fix that. This would require the engine to come out which is not an easy or convenient job. I don't have an engine crane so this would cost some money. I would then need to remove it and have it rebalanced or get used or new one.

I have also realised that brake fluid is leaking on one of the back wheels. I have taken the wheel and the drum off and saw that the brake kids are broken. They aren't expensive but a nightmare to put in. While I was down there I realised that there is what looks a misalignment in the diff cover. It's not leaking or anything but it doesn't look quite right. The new headlight that I bought doesn't have a hole for the park light. I need to figure out how to make my own hole. I'm thinking of just drilling it but I don't know yet how I will make slipping in notch. The bushes of the suspension need replacing as well. I have some of them, I bought them a while back, maybe a couple years ago and naturally some are missing. The leaf springs look strangely misaligned sometimes, I haven't had a time yet to figure out if that's something to be concerned about.


The previous post says a lot about this car. Silvaki (Corolla 2E) needs me to solve the brakes issue ones and for all, depending on whether it's kept or not. I wanna replace the front discs, calipers and caliper brackets with the ones from a 1.6i model. This model has ventilated discs in front which would help mitigate warping issue. I would like change the shock bushings which look a bit worn, I probably should replace the struts if I do that. There is a dash cover that was broken ever since I met the car which I would like to fix. I would like to replace the boot release cable as well. It broke a long time ago and I just removed it.

There is a battery issue now that's causing me untold sleepless nights literally. The plastic covers under the engine are completely done I would like to replace them as well. The engine is filthy oil and greasy. I had hoped to clean it but I couldn't because of the gearbox filler plug that coursed me all the maintenance days I had scheduled before it left for Joburg. 

I had always dreamed of putting RXI rims on it and a spoiler. I bet it would look great. Maybe a slide tint. But who has the money for aesthetics.


IronBelly (Civic R18), She is my material heart. Although her current state is heart breaking. The gear sticks a bit and requires double clutching sometimes. I give he a talk every time before driving not to break while I'm broke. I don't know yet what courses this and I'm not entirely sure I wanna know just yet. I know how to carefully nurse her around, it almost looks effortless but a stranger would probably break it within minutes. 

The bumper is not sitting properly on the left. This is because the sales man took me for a ride, knowing that I would miss it and only realise it too late. It pops out, I have used a cable tie to hold it in. I hope buy a new bracket to hold like it should be held. 

One day a long time ago I took a full load of people and luggage to Joburg and the rear suspension components got bent. The suspension places tell me they can fix them but I would like to replace them. In the mean time I just try to take full loads of people for short distances. It's also passed it's service interval by quite a bit, an embarrassing amount for me. I wouldn't want it to go on long trips before I serviced it. Today I got a couple of quotes about 3 main things I need, oil, oil filter and air filter.

The interior and exterior haven't been cleaned in a while but I suspect they are a good reflection of the state of my mind. I would like to some day install this contemporary entertainment systems, you know the android ones. I'm not really sure when I will ever do it or even where it ranks on my list of priorities at the moment. It's a luxury.

So this is the story of the beasts in my life. I hope to treat them as I see them treated in my mind. We all have dreams I guess. Check them out on instagram if you are curious how they all look.

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