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Sony Xperia Z1, Z3 and Z5

When I first got my Sony Xperia Z1 I was very impressed. I put it in a basin and filled with water. I watched with awe as the phone remained on. It seemed so counter intuitive as we have always known that where phones are concerned, water baaad! I used it with relative satisfaction for many years. One of the things to first go was the little flap that protect the charging port. I eventually just decided I will down grade the phone from waterproof to water resistant.

It fell many times. It always amazed me how it would just bounce off the ground. Eventually I guess it had fallen way too many times. The back glass cover opened a bit. This was a blessing in a way because right around that time it started having battery problems. It would take very long to charge and get very hot. It would then discharge within minutes under normal use. I got it a new battery and putting it in wasn't that difficult because the glass had already lifted. I'm still using it as a secondary phone and it's good.

My Z3, I loved as well although it was more fragile. When it falls the damage becomes evident pretty easily. After many years of use as well the screen now falls out. I don't know if the falls or the glue that holds the panels to chassis eventually just looses it's adhesiveness. I bought the adhesive ready to fix it but as it turns out, to remove the screen you need to disassemble the whole phone. we come back to that. So now I have to wait for the back adhesive before starting on this. 

The worst thing about my a SONY XPERIA Z3, the one thing I hate the most is this feature that pops when you have music at full volume. It cuts the volume level back to half and warns you about the damage to your ears. It's especially annoying when you are driving and your phone is connected via Aux to the car and you can't conveniently put volume back, and it seems it always happens in the middle of my favourite songs. It can't be disabled, it comes out randomly, it's the bane of my musical existence. I hate it. I'm an adult human being if I decide to listen to music at full volume I should be able to do so. I do not need a nanny phone. If they felt the need to have this feature it should have come with don't show up anymore checkbox. This and notifications that can't be dismissed like battery low notification are just programmers bullying users. I know my battery is low, I can see it. I don't need a notification that I can't dismiss till I plug the charger in.

The Z5 isn't mine. However, I have been able to witness it's use for a number of years as well. It is even more fragile than the Z3, It has this corner pieces that just started falling off. The Z3 has the corner pieces but those have never fallen off on it. It's like Sony started with the Z1 made very well and then proceeded to make it worse and worse.

One day it fell face down and cracked it's screen. I ordered the screen online but I didn't order the adhesives which was a costly mistake because now the screen has arrived after 2 months of waiting and I still have to wait for the adhesives. As it turns out, and I was talking about this earlier, to replace the screen you have to disassemble the phone. I found this out after having detached the screen but it was hanging by a ribbon and not coming off. After some research it turns out the ribbon is connected to the mother behind the phone under the battery.

So now I had to remove the back cover, which was still perfectly on. To do this I saw people use a heat gun but I don't have one of those but I have a hair drier, which worked perfectly. Then the battery, while the battery in the Z1 is screwed in, on the Z5 it's glued in and pealing it off is a mission. Then you have to remove all the little things that are connected to the motherboard like the back camera, front camera and power button. only when the board is off can the screen come off.

I can't wait for the adhesives to arrive so I can put it back together and see it work. I will shout as only Richard Hammond does and say I did a thing...

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