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The horn woes...

Just when I think I am out, they pull me back in. I was feeling pretty good this weekend. Silva-ki had had a service e.g oil change, air filter change, petrol filter change, oil filter change. I had replaced the whistling old fan belts. I was feeling calm and relaxed. As it turns out that wasn't to last long because the hooter was dead. Press, press....nothing.

What could it be? The most vulnerable thing that circuit is the fuse. I immediately went to check on it. The fuse is fine. Could it have lost continuity, to test I replaced it with a space but nothing. Relay maybe? I got a relay which being the weekend was almost impossible to find. Luckily I found one and replaced it. You guessed it, nothing. I pictured myself as the twins from the matrix, "we are getting aggravated, Yes we are". I am both twins.

Does the hooter itself work? Silva-ki had recently drove through a flooded road where by the water came to the top of the bonnet. Since the hooter is behind the grill in front of the car maybe something happened there. How do I test if the hooter works? I don't have a tester. Ping goes the light bulb, bring yellow bone out, put the hooter in yellow bone if it works then there is nothing wrong with. To my utter disappointment and I'm willing to guess yours Silva-ki's hooter works when put in yellow bone. This was disheartening because unlike silva-ki, to get to Yellow bone's hooter you have to remove the grill and indicators, more effort than I wanted. So a hail marry, put yellow bone's hooter in Silva-ki and hope for the best? Nope, no luck.

The only other place problems could be coming from is inside. The first and usual suspect, the hooter pin. I remove the steering column bottom cover and have a look, the pin is connected and it doesn't seem to be loosing contact. The hooter switch is also fine and it seems to have good contact, what the hell? At this point, as it often happens with DIY projects I am questioning the meaning of life, why do I do this, why don't I just let someone else get annoyed like this, I should just get new cars for everybody. The delusions of frustration, you somehow think you have all the resources and have a possibility of getting new cars for everybody.

I decide to just go buy a test light, nothing fancy just a cheap terminal on one end and pointy bit on the other and a tiny bulb in the middle. The one side of the fuse has power and the other doesn't, same for the relay. This is fine until the hooter is pressed and the circuit is closed. With the hooter switch pressed the cable going to the hooter itself has no power. It's now getting late. I have been doing this for 3 hours, I'm beyond aggravated. I have to access the area behind the steering wheel. the wheel is not coming out. My puller isn't fitting proper to pull it and getting help also hasn't helped.

I loosened the top cover, with the steering wheel not out I don't want to remove it because putting it back in is nearly impossible. I am laying with my back on the seat bottom, legs over the back of the seat, head with a head lamp on under steering, it's mad desperate times. Another hour is gone. Something catches my eye. there is a tiny cable from the hooter pin. it disappears somewhere near the indicator/head light stalk. I undo the 2 screws holding the stalk and slide it a bit out. It can't completely be removed because the top cover isn't completely removed as well. 

I plug the terminal of the tester on the steering wheel contact point and I start poking the contact points on the stalk's cable bundle and wow the sweet sweet sound of a hooter. So for the first time we know the hooter works and the whole circuit works. So why isn't it working normally when not being probed? As it turns out the new indicator stalk has on contact point that protrudes on the side and it had been bend. This means it was not going into the female connector from the hooter pin cable. I straightened it, inserted it into the female connector, reassembled all the covers and Peeeep...peeeeep....peeeep. The war was won warriors...

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