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High Beams

Warrior won the war this weekend lol. Silver-ki has high beams. If you don't remember not too long ago high beams were not working. So first I thought it was the bulbs. Checked the bulbs which was a mission because the space you have to work with is so small you would need cat grabbing hands to work there comfortably. The bulbs were fine.

Next port of call was the relay. The relay was clicking and the flashes worked so it couldn't have been the relay but I replaced it anyway. The last possible thing was the actual switch itself. So this weekend I put a new switch in. 

It was quite annoying thought that I had to remove the steering wheel, which is hard. It isn't hard in the sense that it's complicated, it's actually very straight forward. It's hard in the literal sense of the word. The steering wheel is held by one nut but don't let that nut fool into thinking the steering wheel is coming out. I had to pull and pull and brace against the floor and pull, sweat and pull, loose breathe and pull, did I mention there was some fair amount of pulling involved? Then I had to require some assistance and it came off.

I then remove the steering column covers which isn't hard either but there is a fair bit of fiddling to remove the covers after removing the 3 screws that hold them on. The switch is held by two small screws and it just slides out. I slid the new one in and Bob is your uncle, I have no idea why Bob is your uncle or where he has been all your life but there we are, High beams...

The new switch like most after market parts isn't as smooth as the original but it works and it has all the right markings and it looks like the original. The other thing is it's all shiny and new but the rest of the switches are showing some age.

I also did a minor service, you know oil change, oil filter change and air filter change. However, as seasoned warriors this is unremarkable and just worth a small mention...

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