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DIY, The rabbit hole...sometimes all you need is little luck

A great outing for the warrior this weekend. The day started as a downer somewhere around noon or was it afternoon, it's all a blur. So dusted out the tools went to the garage and started Yellow bone up. She is old, at 27, it's more like 80 in human years. She rumbled and shook with the enthusiasm that's is characteristic of her. I pulled half way out of the garage and thought for a minute about what I would like to tackle.

So where to begin, the number plate lights is the extra ordinary answer to that question. The lights were just blank, so it couldn't be bulbs. The chances of both bulbs going dead at the same time are minuscule, hi I don't think I have ever used that word before, but yea minuscule. The lights are housed in this little cone shaped pots. I tried turning them, pulling them and pushing them but nothing was working. How do you open this damn things.

So comes googling and youtubing but no result. Most of the results as usual are American and their Mazda B2000 have different lights with screws. Anyone could take those out. Just that instant I remembered before I discovered google I had spent a good chunk of money importing a heinz manual. It had nothing about how to change the number plate lights bulbs. It has a whole section on bulbs, head lights, indicators and reverse lights but nothing on the one set I wanted to change.

Eventually I just got annoyed, grabbed a long nose and yanked them out. As it turns out that's how you open them. They grab on to the rubber housings and you squeeze them in to put them and you pull them to take them out. So how can both bulbs be dead? In short there weren't. One was dead, and the other had a broken cable. After about half an hour dust and rust particles falling onto my face, the cable was fixed and the bulbs replaced. Let there be light, it was glorious.

Infused by my success I decided to tackle one of the things that really annoys me. The driver's door doesn't open unless you have made the attempt at least 3 times. I removed the screw that holds the handles and removed the door cover to access the door opening mechanism. There was nothing wrong with it from what I could see. After 10 to 15 minutes of trying to figure out what's wrong with it I gave up out frustration I just sprayed the lock with penetrating oil as they say Bob is your uncle, I don't know why they say that though, makes no sense. It worked. I still can't believe that it does. I now and then just open and close it to see if it still works and I'm fascinated that that's all it took.

Now I was extra motivated. A while back the bonnet latching mechanism broke but not the whole thing, just the part that attaches it to the dashboard. So I have sort of tug it in below the dashboard to keep it from hanging over my feet and potentially coursing an accident. Non OEM parts however always never fit right and finding them for this car is very hard anyway even if I wanted to pay those type of prices.

The OEM version has a little metal ball at the end to make it hook in the mechanism but the pirate manufacture thought uhmmm how can I make life interesting for weekend warriors, yep don't include the metal ball. I thought it could be solder but it wasn't because my soldering iron couldn't melt it. Eventually I figured out a way to tie it around the mechanism because you know sometimes all you need is little luck. However it wasn't latching which I later figured out was coursed by how tight I had pulled it. This made it stay open. I had to tie it at the position it would be when the bonnet is closed. 

And voila this warrior could finally retire to the comfort of the couch But first took a spin around town just to enjoy it. I can't remember the last time I took a drive...just because and when you just drive to drive you can ignore the little things about an old crappy car that you love.

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