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Radiator woes

Old cars love to keep things interesting. My Mazda B2000 is almost 30 years old. Every time I fix something it thinks mmm what else can I give him to do. I rebuilt the engine, the master cylinder went, I fixed that, then came the starter, replaced that then came the radiator.

I was just driving and I heard the telltale whistling sound of a wet fan belt, not to be confused with the whistling of a fan belt that has seen better days. The radiator is aluminium with plastic top and bottom tanks. I stopped to go have a look and there was trickle flowing from the joint between the aluminium radiator and the top tank.

I spent time disassembling and reassembling it. I used silicon for a gasket and that worked all of 3 minutes after which it became a flood instead of a trickle. It was a hack job I know but I was broke and hoping for the best. I took it to Silverton Radiators but they managed to crack it. Although they claimed it was already cracked I don't see how I could have missed that crack. Conveniently the new one costs R1200. 

I went to the scrap yard, OFS to see if I could find a replacement and a very helpful guy told me of another radiator place called Corenet. Here I was able to find an OEM spec one for much less. Putting it in took all of 15 minutes, although some of the holes were different sizes, the top 2 to be specific. In the end it went in, it works, no leaks.

I wonder what she is gonna throw at me next...

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