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Snap, Crackle and Pop

The storage compartment between the seats has this spring latch that keeps the lid closed. Yea you guessed it. Last week it decided to break. I opened it, took somethings out and closed it. I didn't even slam it or anything like that but the snap, crackle and pop that followed told me something had gone wrong.

I held it down for a couple of minutes as if it would magically not be broken but when I let go it rose slowly like a toll gate. I knew it would rise because the lid is spring loaded. However, it was disappointing seeing it go up.

So fixing time. In the weekend I disassembled it and put it back together with super glue. I didn't even check what a new one goes for but knowing Honda, it isn't cheap. I put it back in and it worked. Well when I say worked, it lasted for 3 operations and there was another snap and crackle without a pop. So I cheated this time. I just removed the spring that keeps the lid up so the lid can stay closed.

It hasn't affected how I use the box though. It would still be nice to have. I prefer when things work as they were intended or better. I will fix it some day.

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