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The Dunlop disappointment

I was running one bad tyre. Before taking a trip to Sun City for a birthday weekend I decided, let me be safe, let me replace the bad tyre with a new one for the long trip. Was I wrong...

Since I was running 3 Dunlop Sp6060 and one crappy tyre that I can't even remember the name I thought, let me shell out 800 rand of my hard earned money to buy a new Sp6060 to go with the others. Exactly 3 days to day, driving at night I had someone shinning high beams in my face. I hit a pothole I had not seen. I felt that hurt in my soul, followed by the dreaded pssssssssss.

Yea you guest it, that was my brand new tyre gone, massive bubble on the side incapable of keeping air contained. I was upset to put it mildly. I could have run the old tyre, ruined that and only then replaced. I now was faced by the terrible reality of having to buy another new tyre in 3 days.

I contacted Dunlop to see if there is anything they can do for me. it's literally 3 days. I don't mean literally like teenagers say literally. I mean literally as in the definition of the word. They could not help me. Their sales representative called to explain to me how tyre walls are now made of nylon and not steel and blah blah blah blah. As a result they can't help me replace the tyre.

Firestones are expensive, probably because of their warraty. However, the warranty is worth it. Having to buy a tyre twice within a space of 3 days is not a joke especially when you couldn't afford one in the first place. So as you might have guessed it, Next time I replace my tyres I'm getting Firestones regardless of how much cheaper the Dunlops are.

Maybe I'm being unfair but I don't think people loose tyres with 3 days of buying a brand new one everyday. They must have at least demonstrators. They could have done something. I paid twice for one tyre, for someone of limited means that was a train smash. 

I will no longer buy Dunlops....

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