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Some girls are just never happy

Meet Silver, she likes to invent new issues every time. Actually she isn't that different from the other two. They all love to invent problems. Well on the bright side parts are relatively cheap. 

The issue of the day, high beams don't work. Tested the relay, Checked all the fuses and checked the bulbs. Talking of the bulbs, Toyota in their infinite wisdom decided to put the right bulb behind the air intake tube leaving a space so small that removing the bulb takes at least a year. Luckily I have Trump sized hands so it only took 6 months.

However, after all this High beams still don't work. Surprisingly flashing the lights works. I have to conclude that the problem is with the switch. So basically when I pull the light stalk to me for flashing it works but when I push it forward for high beams nothing. I will have to disassemble the steering covers and see what's wrong with the switch.

Silver is a 2E Toyota corolla from 2001. 

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