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Rampaging Bull

My 30th year was quite a car year. One of the best gifts was being entered for a super car experience. The two grand which is the one I was on, you get to do one practice lap and two full on laps in one super car. The four grand package you get two super cars and the seven grand package you get all of them. How many is all of them you ask, well five is the extraordinary answer to that question. 

When I say five, it's more like ten because there was two of each model. There was two Ferrari 430 spiders, Nissan GTRs, lamborghini gallardos and 4 Arial Atoms. I don't know if I should classify Atoms as super cars though. The Atoms you could only have a ride along with a professional driver. The professional drivers would then take you through a track while they simulate racing.

It was a difficult choice. The Atoms were immediately out when I found out you don't get to drive them. The dream of my face being stretched around and bugs flying into my mouth like Jeremy Clarkson was dead. So that left the Ferraris, the Nissans and  Lamborghinis. I thought long and hard. I know nothing corners like a GTR but it's a Nissan. If I was buying I would buy it, but I only get to drive one. So it was a street fight between a Ferrari and a Lambo. Ferraris are great but they represent an air of pretenticiousness, They are driven by people who trying to keep their mileage low so they can keep their prices high. So that left the Lambo, bright yellow, black wheels.

weekend warrior

My turn came, I walked around it, taking it in as it purred quietly. Prrr Prrr Prrr prrr, I remember thinking that's almost silent. I strapped in and the professional race driver started explaining changing up with the paddles and the general workings of the car but I remember non of it. The door slammed shut. This was it. Foot off the brake, lightly on the accelerator and it was off.

I was directed to stop at the start line for the photographer to take a picture. The light was green and the instructor was softly going power! power! power! I obliged and it roared. Before long I was at the corner, He went brake, then power power power. It was amazing how it just pulled into the corner. In a blink of an eye or what felt like it, it was doing over 200kph. I nearly drove it off the road for the second I glanced down to try to see what speed I was doing. Anyway, two laps of it was like a minute, I soon had to pit and hand it over to someone else. I gave it a little rev to say bye. Luckily I had to pay an arm and a leg for a video of it.


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