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The 3 pointed star

A couple of months after my 30th birthday something impossible happened. Well maybe not impossible since it did happen, improbable. I was requested to put on decent shirt and go for a drive. As I followed directions, it started to dawn on me that we were heading for John Williams, our local mercedes benz dealership. This was exciting indeed, you could by quiet demeanor. I should probably mention that my excited face is exactly the same as my regular face.

I had previously visited the very same dealership for tour. A Sales manager whose name escapes me treated me very well. I roamed about taking pictures in all the cars that interested me. I can't remember all of them but the SLK 320 and S600 come to mind. This was pretty special since the S class is my favorite of Merc range, especially it's more powerful variants e.g the AMGs. I learned some things like when you have an S class you can't possibly be expected to do something so mundane as closing your door, you just sort of ease them in and they find their own way. The day ended with this sales manager handing me a few magnetic stickers themed with Merc history.

Upon arrival at John williams I filled in a form, had my drivers license copied and handed keys. The treatment from the sales person was positively great. It was akin to walking into a store where you can clearly afford nothing but not judged by sales people. It was refreshing. We walked out to the parking, unescorted which added to the refreshing pile. I pressed the key and a pearly white C 220 W205, with a full AMG kit blinked. I got into the drivers seat, adjusted all the accessories which in a Merc could be a while. Below is what this beauty looks like.

C220 W205

Now, although I knew the theory of driving an automatic car, I had never actually driven one. I put it into drive, removed my foot from the break, it rolled forward silently and the earth stood still. I couldn't believe it. I get followed around in a supermarket. John Williams was gonna let us drive a brand new car out the gate without supervision.

The steering well was soft, the car a silent cocoon. I went down the main street pushing it a bit. Then slammed the break because my muscle memory was trying to change gear. The car was doing about a 100 kmh but it came to a hold. I would have expected to get jerked forward but no, rather I found myself in a schizophrenic mix of  comfort and abrupt stop.

I took it on the highway. it handled beautifully. I took it to town. I had known about the stop and start technology but it still caught me by surprise when it died at the robot (traffic lights). Even more impress was it would start and go faster than the next car driver would put his car into gear. The other thing I found interesting was the air con remained on while the engine was off for the stop and starts. I drove it back and to my utter shock was greeted with the two strangest words, "back already?". I thought "Damn, I could have doing a few more rounds".

Anyway, This car impressed me wholly. I found myself wondering what more could I want? The C class is one of lower level models, how much more improvement can the upper models be on this? This is perfection? Boy was I wrong, as I found out when I drove the CLS 500 but that's a story for another time.

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