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When OCD turns to madness

If your sedan is a bit older, you probably have a dirty rear third brake light. There is no way of reaching that I know of. No amount of googling seems to help either. Most people, or shall I say most sane people would probably let this go. I just could not. It drove me crazy each time I looked at it. Especially if one spends a great deal of time washing the car, it's just there mocking you like some kind of dirt Achilles. If like a normal Human being you haven't noticed this area of your car below is what it looks like.

Rear 3rd brake light

So for this weekend's war I decided I shall show it, it's heel. For some unknown reason Honda decided they would make good cars, which means the war was long. It would be rough, tough, there would be some wailing and gnashing of teeth. Luckily my trusty assistant was on hand to provide moral support.

Cho the trusty assistant

1st Battle: I had to remove the bottom rear seat. This is achieved by pulling it from the clips that hold it in front. Then undo the bolt that holds it to the car. Then pull the seat off and out of the car.

rear bottom seat removed

2nd Battle: I had to remove the side panels of the rear top seat. This required undoing the bolts that hold it on the bottom, then slide it upwards. I had to repeat the procedure on the other side as well. I then had to open the boot pull the latches that hold the back top seat let it fall forward.

3rd Battle: I had to remove the c pillar panels. come to think of it, I don't know if this is what they are called by, they are panels on the c pillar, so lets go with that. They are held by the most annoying things inside cars, clips. removing clips without a proper tool without breaking them is a mission. luckily a desert fork with a mysteriously missing middle tine (shhhh I broke it off with a long nose pliers.) works pretty well to remove them. The smart ones among you will notice the air bag mechanisms that sit behind the panels. I guess Honda wasn't lying, there are air bags bag there, better not pop them.

c panel covers removed

4th Battle: I now get to the business end, removing the rear deck panel. This is black cover the speakers sit in. It also houses the menace that is the rear third brake light. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sweet, sweet relief is at hand. It's held by yet more clips. to remove them I had to actually get inside the boot. There might be an easier way but anytime you can work laying down, seize the opportunity I always say. It also has a couple of clips in front. Then it comes off. Finally Victory...

Rear deck

Now the rear third brake light is clean, Dobby is free.

rear brake light clean


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